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Artstor on JSTOR: Working with images

Welcome to using JSTOR for Artstor images!

This guide brings together the key information you need to begin working with Artstor content in your JSTOR Workspace, a place within JSTOR where you can keep and organize content. 

The information in this guide is organized into these keys areas:

  • Getting started: Logging in taking a tour of the JSTOR Workspace
  • Searching for content: Exploring and saving images and text you discover on JSTOR
  • Using the Workspace: Organizing content 
  • Sharing content you have curated: Sharing and working with shared content

Logging in to JSTOR with your Personal Account

In order to save content in your JSTOR Workspace, you need a personal account. These accounts are free an automatically pair to your institution's JSTOR account when you create one while authenticated through that institution.  

If you have an Artstor account, you already have a JSTOR account.

See: Logging in to JSTOR – JSTOR Support | Personal accounts on JSTOR – JSTOR Support


Preparing to work with images on JSTOR

Recorded Webinar

Artstor’s high-quality collections and key functionality are now available on JSTOR. Learn about working with images on JSTOR. We will cover ways to fully integrate content you discover on JSTOR.

  • 02:15 Agenda
  • 06:03 Copy Image Groups
  • 07:17 Logging in from anywhere
  • 10:00 Demo begins
  • 12:26 Workspace tour begins
  • 13:35 Create a folder, move folders, delete folders
  • 17:07 Uploaded items (personal collections)
  • 18:49 Searching your Workspace
  • 20:47 Share a folder
  • 20:49 Search for images
  • 25:49 Compare mode, save detail
  • 28:10 Panoramas
  • 30:00 Browse by related items
  • 32:05 Present and compare from Workspace
  • 33:04 Export (PDF, PPNT, Zip)
  • 35:12 Resources
  • 36:40 Questions

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