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Getting started with Books at JSTOR

Current training videos for admins and users

Check out our training videos to learn about core and new functionality and the multiple types of content now available on JSTOR. 

You can also browse all videos on our YouTube channel or check out our curated playlists.

JSTOR General Training

Find what you need quickly on JSTOR

Learn how to use the search results page to effectively expand and narrow your searches. (7 minutes)

Quick search tips on JSTOR

Learn how to get started with basic search, advanced search and image search on JSTOR. (4 minutes)

Creating an account in JSTOR

Create a personal account and pair it to your institution for easy access to JSTOR from anywhere. (3 minutes)

Advanced search on JSTOR

A quick guide to using subject, title, and item type searches to find the content you need. (8 minutes)

Comparing content on JSTOR

When searching or presenting content from you Workspace, use Compare mode to interogate images or text items more closely. (3 minutes)

JSTOR Workspace Videos

Using the JSTOR Workspace

Learn how to organize and download content into presentations or handouts. (3 minutes)

Save to your JSTOR Workspace

Learn how to save content on JSTOR so you can easily find, cite, and download it. (3 minutes)

Using a Shared Workspace folder

Learn what you can do with a shared folder on JSTOR. (2 minutes)

Sharing your Workspace content

Here is how to share a Workspace folder on JSTOR.. (2 minutes)

JSTOR Image Search Training

Searching and saving images on JSTOR

Learn how to effectively search and save images on JSTOR. (3 minutes)

Refining image search results on JSTOR

Learn how to quickly narrow your search scope to fine just what you need without leaving the search results page. (4 minutes)

For JSTOR Admin

Orientation to the admin site (for administrators)

Review the essential JSTOR knowledge a librarian needs for the 2023-2024 academic year. This recorded webinar is appropriate for new and existing JSTOR admins.

Check your image usage stats (for administrators)

Download a cross-platform report that shows usage of Artstor images on both Artstor and JSTOR. (1 minute)

Orientation to working with images on JSTOR

Learn about the time-saving features and functionality that make finding, gathering, curating, and sharing all kinds of content on JSTOR easy and efficient.

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